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Infographics - research

So I’ve been doing yet more trawling through the intarwebs and have found a tonne of infographics. Thanks to abduzeedo for having an amazing website to look through.

I’ve been a long standing follower of the abduzeedo website and love the number of tutorials and inspirational pieces they publish on a regular basis. (Incidentally I’ve just ordered the Abduzeedo book - will let you know how that comes along)

These infographics really push what can be done with them and how many types of infographic there really are! I love some of these and want to base some of my future ideas off of these.

Particularly like the infographic about infographics.

If you know any other sites - let me know! More than willing to take a look.

How to make a Cinemagraph with Photoshop and After Effects from Kert Gartner on Vimeo.

So to start my search for new and interesting ways to boost my creativity and knowledge of design etc. etc. I’ve looked at cinemagraphs, these are rather tricky to make, but when done well with the correct content it looks amazing.

Whilst this might not be a benefit straight away, it would be cool to make some nice art stuff rather than just overly functional stuff. It could even be used in a promo video for to accentuate a particular item or to grab attention


Start of Something new

So here it is, a new start or rather - a start of something new. I’ve often wondered why people using blogging tools like tumblr and others and today I think I got a glimpse of how and why someone might use it.

It’s more than just a source for shouting out what you think and do and want to achieve and how your life is going. It’s an opportunity to present yourself and what you do to the world, not just to keep yourself to your mates but to expand past the local and into the wider world.

Recently I’ve been trying to develop myself and my career prospects by learning new techniques in Wed Design, Graphic Design, Video content creation and Sound Engineering. Whilst my current job is in an administration office, I look to move forward and develop these skills to either support a new direction in my work life, or to positively affect my life and those around me.

A few of my friends recently started up WeAreChapterOne, a Christian non-profit out of office hours organisation which are currently looking into ways of informing people about the issues of Human Trafficking and how we can live our lives to assist in stopping the continued problems with it.

I have been asked recently to help out in this group and I eagerly await a specific project to work on. In the mean time, I’m going to be looking into Infographics and how we might put together an infographic to show people in basic terms what is going on and what we can do about it.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on where to get started or if you would like to know more, please leave a comment or follow the provided link.

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